Sheets Mnh Europe


  • CROATIA WW II, Pavelic 100 kn imperforated sheet of 100 plate 1 MNH
  • CROATIA, WW II, 1944, postman imperforated proof set in sheet of 4 sheets, MNH RRR
  • France, Imperforated Souvenir Sheet Cinema From 1980, Mnh
  • CROATIA OLYMPIC GAMES imperforated sheet, MNH
  • CROATIA OLYMPIC GAMES imperforated sheets, pair, MNH
  • France, Stars Of Cinema / Famous Filmstars Imperforated Booklet Sheet Mnh
  • LATVIA 1918-2010 Mainly MNH Almost Complete Imperforated Sheets Stamp Collection
  • LITHUANIA 1918-2010 Mainly MNH Imperforated Sheets Stamp Collection
  • MONACO Dealer Sheets 65 MNH Imperforated Whales Dolphins Cat Val EUR 13,585
  • MONGOLIA MNH Stock Until 2011 Stamp Collection with Sheets, Imperforated